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Hedge Funds are NOT an asset class

This note deals with a central issue in many current debates on hedge fund investing. In a world where yields of lower-risk investments have fallen so dramatically, the search for more attractive returns is extending to sectors which were no-go areas until recently.
One of the main characteristics of these debates is the approach many take in treating hedge funds as a separate asset class.
We will argue that hedge funds are not a separate asset class. They are a method of investing in traditional asset classes such as equity, debt, commodities, property, etc.

Ralph van Daalen joins the International Advisory Panel

Ralph van Daalen has been working in the financial industry for over 12 years. Since the beginning of 2014 he is working as a Sales Director for an international asset manager. In his role he is responsible for the acquisition and relationship management of Dutch institutional investors. Prior to that he was a senior investment consultant at Towers Watson for more than 7 years. In that role he was responsible for advising Dutch pension funds and participating in several investment committees. He also served as an ALM consultant. His career started in 2003 when he joined Cordares (now APG), as an actuarial consultant.
He graduated with a master's degree in Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam in 2003 with a specialization in Financial Management.