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The Risk to Playing Catch Up

“Playing catch up” injects undesirable emotions and motivations into decision processes. For reasons related to the way our human brains are wired, being in this position will introduce biases. We should be particularly aware of the effects of these biases on financial decisions – they relate to many of the classic pitfalls known in the behavioral finance research literature.
Analytical Research is an independent alternative investment research advisory firm focused on providing research and analysis on hedge funds and hedge funds-of-funds (www.analyticalresearch.com). From offices in New York, London and Zurich, the company advises upon investments totaling more than 3 billion US$, along with another 20 billion US$ on which specific research and analysis is provided to clients and offers customized solutions, through qualitative and quantitative research, due diligence and ongoing monitoring of hedge funds. AR is renowned for its in-depth intelligence of hedge funds and hedge fund of funds providing clients with the latest news on developments in the hedge fund industry.
AR’s client profile comprises public and corporate pension funds as well as supranational organizations, universities, pension fund advisors and family offices/HNWIs. They are mainly based in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands but the organization is extending its activities through deeper penetration of these markets and expansion into other European markets. The company’s development is therefore focused around targeting professional investors which have exposure to hedge funds or need support in this field in these countries.
AR’s proprietary web-based technology named PCAT (Portfolio Construction and Analysis Tool)  converts a proven discipline and organized process into a unified collaboration and production engine. AR has been assessed and certified as compliant with ISO* 9001:2008 management systems, standards and guidelines. The company’s  activities in the areas of Qualitative and Quantitative Research, Operational Due Diligence, Operations, Performance Reporting, Software Development and IT Administration are within the scope of the certification.
* International Organization for Standardization 

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ANDREAS CAPITAL S.A. is looking for:
A part-time senior accountant on an CDI basis with experience in using “BOB50”. Andreas Capital S.A., based in Larochette, GD-Luxembourg is a growing CSSF regulated Asset Management company servicing mainly Dutch clients. Focussing on continuous growth, it recently established a branch in the Netherlands. Would you like to work independently and support management to achieve further growth?
Mandatory language skill is English.