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Inside China

In May this year we wrote an article about the economic prospects of China (Purchasing Power Parity and Gini-Coefficient in China: How to be Rich and Poor at the Same Time).
It was an upbeat story about China becoming the second largest economy in the world (almost there in Purchasing Power comparison), with income becoming more broadly distributed (Gini-coefficient coming closer to Western European levels) and some social security being introduced. There a gradual shift is emerging from investment driven growth to a more sustainable consumption cum investment lead economy. As a result we recommended investors to take a serious look at Chinese assets.
But the scepticism stayed.
That is why this follow-up article focuses on real life in China. It complements the more macro-oriented analysis with micro social and economic factors that determine the future of the Chinese place in the world.
We are delighted to report on the experience of Archie Moberly, a fourth year Mandarin student at Newcastle University, who has been spending a year at Shanghai University, living among Chinese people till last month.
Now what does this real life account learn us?
First of all that regardless the current economic status of China being the second largest economy if the world, it is still a country in full development.  However in that process of development China has a number of distinctive positive factors supporting its economic potential to the fore.


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