Assets and wealth lead to many questions

You have a number of current banking contacts, but would you like to consult an independent party? Are you looking for a second opinion about your current investments? Assets and wealth lead to many questions. Below you will find a few frequently asked questions.

Do you want to make your assets secure for the next generation?

Our roots are in investing family wealth. We invest for the founder family for the next generations. Ensuring the security of your assets now and for the following generations is our top priority.

How does Andreas Capital distinguish itself?

Independence forms the foundation of our company and enables us to focus entirely on the management of your assets without distractions.

Does the commitment of Andreas Capital incur extra costs?

We take advantage of economies of scale by investing together with the founders: institutional rates and access to institutional expertise and services. Andreas Capital’s fees are based on a percentage of the managed assets. Full transparency and no hidden costs are our basic principles.

How much must my wealth be worth to become an Andreas Capital client?

Andreas Capital focuses on investors who have several millions to invest. Our investment approach with tailored and individual attention means that your portfolio should be worth about EUR 5 million.

Will my assets be secure at Andreas Capital?

Andreas Capital only uses first-class custodian banks. We are given authorisation to manage your portfolio. We cannot transfer funds.

As a client, do I have to change banks or can I stay with my current bank?

Depending on the managed assets, you can stay with your existing bank. However, it may be to your advantage to change banks to benefit from our economies of scale.

Do I also have access to Andreas Capital’s international advisory board as a client?

In addition to the close commitment of the board with regard to our investment decisions, we regularly organise meetings and, if required, we also grant direct access to members of the board.

What happens if I want to cancel my contract with Andreas Capital?

We do everything we possibly can to ensure our clients continue to be completely satisfied. If, however, clients wish to cancel despite this, they can do so at any time without a period of notice being required.

How can I contact Andreas Capital?