Mode of operation

A personal approach means taking your vision and requirements as the basic principle.

Because securing your assets for the next generation starts with building trust in the present. This can only be achieved through transparent and comprehensible operations and active communication.

Our team works in accordance with clearly defined processes and procedures. Every step in our approach has a clear objective.

1. Analysis and risk assessment

We discuss together your risk tolerance and the performance that you expect for your investments.

We analyse your current and future financial situation and then advise on your risk profile.

2. Discussing your Asset & Liability Management (ALM)

We discuss your current and future requirements and obligations during the initial meeting.

We aim for good insight into your assets and obligations and your current and future income and expenditures.

In other words, your personal asset and liability management. Naturally, in all this we adhere to strict confidentiality.

3. Your profile

We identify together with you your investor profile, taking all facts and requirements into consideration.

4. The strategy

Now the time has come to talk about strategic asset allocation in your investment portfolio.

This forms the investment framework in the long term, which means meeting your specific individual requirements.

5. Investing your wealth

We keep you continuously informed about our investment decisions both with regard to the implementation of your strategic asset allocation and our tactical specifics.

6. Monitoring and reporting

We assist you in identifying criteria for the performance of your portfolio.

We regularly issue reports on the performance and risks, and periodic meetings are a standard part of our mode of operation.

We are always at your side, ready to respond to your questions quickly and efficiently.

7. Assessment

Closing the loop: shall we continue with the present strategy, or are specific adjustments necessary?

For example, if the number of family members increases over time, should the invested assets be invested differently?