Uncertainty is part of our daily life. Innovation, technological change and globalisation drive change and test existing patterns.

Perhaps the only remaining certainty is our obligation to think about tomorrow and to think about next generations.


Investing after Maurice Obstfeld’s gloomy swan song. By Bart Le Blanc.

There are many good investors, but how many of them understand families and their interests?

Our roots are in investing family assets and wealth. For the founder family, we invest a substantial part of their wealth for current and next generations. We focus on a long-term investment horizon and avoid being pushed off course by short-term uncertainties (volatility and market fluctuations) for which under an active risk management approach we hedge to safeguard values.

The founders of Andreas Capital combine many years of complementary international experience and knowledge from the institutional investment and banking world and apply them for the benefit of client portfolios.

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Our international advisory panel is involved with the strategic investment strategies of our clients. Its members have earned their merit in the international banking and institutional investor world.

Our independence from banks and brokers is the foundation of our company and enables us to focus entirely on the management of client assets without distractions.

Our basic investment strategy is an actively managed liquid investment portfolio.

Our clients are families, family offices, entrepreneurs, smaller pension funds and charities.